Be Mindful

We all have our own mantra that we use everyday, whether we realize it or not. The majority of mantras that are used are “I’m very stressed”, “I’m so tired”, “I’m not happy today”, “I don’t have enough time”, etc. Repeating these negative mantras — like any type of mantra — will stick with you the entire day. So why have a mantra that says “I’m stressed” when you can make your day better by repeating something like “I am enough”? Mantras are a single word, phrase or even a sound that you repeat during a meditation or even throughout the day. There are many uplifting mantras that we need to repeat in order to wash away the bad ones that make us feel like we aren’t enough.

Here are a few mantras we should be repeating:

  • Today I am enough
  • Today I am loved
  • Today I have the time
  • Today I have the patience

Try sitting and meditating for at least five minutes — the way I explained it in one of my previous posts — and repeat a mantra silently or out loud. Once you have finished meditating, from time to time you should be repeating that mantra in your head for the rest of the day. Every day you should be choosing a new positive mantra and doing the same thing. If you find yourself still saying things like “I don’t have time”, learn from that and replace it with something positive, such as “I will find the time”.

Finding the time is one of the top concerns among people. There are 24 hours in a day and every single person on this planet has the same number hours in the day as you do. Maybe you need to use time management better if you find yourself saying you don’t have enough time. If others can get it all done, then so can you. There are people with jobs, families, paperwork, making dinner, cleaning up, and STILL have some time to relax before bedtime. It’s plain and simple though — if you don’t feel like you have enough time in the day, then something needs to change and you need to work with it. Wake up, meditate for twenty minutes, and then you’ll start to feel better about your day and you will get more done and STILL have time.


4 thoughts on “Be Mindful

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