What Did I Do To You?!


It has to be one of the toughest things — keeping your cool when faced with an angry, rude and heartless person. I’ve learned to accept that some people just don’t care but it still bothers me. Is it that difficult to put on a new, happy face when you’re face-to-face with someone different? Why explode at someone who doesn’t deserve it just because you’re having a bad day? It surely doesn’t make sense, but it happens quite often. It’s nearly impossible to not let these types of situations affect us. We sit and think, “what on Earth did I do to make this person so angry with me?” But more than likely something happened earlier to make them feel this way.


When something like this happens to you (and it will at some point), you need to take a step back from the situation you’re in and try to realize this angry person doesn’t know better and can’t control their anger well enough yet. We’re all working on some issue in our lives to make us a better person. We all have flaws. Anger seems to be one of them for a lot of people. It’s natural, but people don’t realize that it takes down more than themselves. Once we can forgive them for taking their anger out on us (as difficult as it is), we can carry on with our day in a happy and positive mood. Why become angry when you encounter an angry person? It’s just a viscous cycle. Break it. Break it and be happy.


What do you think?

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