Everything Has Changed


Everything around us changes so quickly. Even we change when sometimes we don’t realize it. We’re always evolving, becoming the person we were always meant to be. There’s a plan for each of us out there that we probably haven’t figured out yet. We all have some type of purpose — something that makes us unique and stand out among everybody else. We may have a passion for something now and be so adamant about pursuing that passion, but our minds change so very quickly that we could find a totally opposite passion and pursue that. But that’s life. We follow what and who we love because that makes us most happy in our lives. Of course, it’s tough to follow what you love when it’s expensive. Most of us can’t afford to travel often, invest in certain hobbies, and risk losing the money we’re making currently because we’re either living paycheck to paycheck or saving slowly. So we do what we can to stay afloat and to be as happy as we can. But like I said, everything and everyone is constantly changing and evolving so you don’t know what the future holds. All you can do is do your best and make the most out of your life. Find your purpose (or your passion — they usually go hand-in-hand) and pursue it. You’ll find happiness in the big and small aspects in you life.


What do you think?

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