How to Find Happiness in 5 Minutes


Do you ever find yourself lying in bed wide awake right before you sleep? Many people have this experience and are sick of it. I know I am. Numerous thoughts running through your mind that seem impossible to get rid of. Is there a cure? Something natural to help you get a good night’s rest? I have one small word that could help change your sleep pattern into getting the sleep you need. Gratitude. Seek gratitude in everything. What’s more rewarding than being grateful for something? There is so much to be grateful for but most of the time we never realize the small things.

Here’s what you can do to ensure a happy bedtime with little to no worries or stressors in your mind:

  • Keep a journal next to your bed
  • Start off by writing 2-3 things you are grateful for that day
  • Read them silently to yourself
  • Smile and snuggle back in to bed to get a good night’s rest

All it takes is about 5 minutes to go from worrying/overthinking/stressing to feeling better about yourself. If you practice gratitude every night, you’ll see how better you’ll feel instantly. Make it part of your nighttime routine and it will become something you will look forward to each night.

I urge each of you to come up with a few things you are grateful for — and take a minute to share below! Spread gratitude.



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