The Lesson of Karma


Karma is life’s way of teaching you a lesson. Whether you have done good to somebody or have acted in an aggressive and spiteful way, you will get what’s coming to you. I fully believe in karma because I’ve seen it happen — to myself and others.

Just yesterday I was driving home from work and I was immediately cut off by a driver trying to cut through traffic. Of course, it infuriated me. The driver got incredibly close to my car so I had to slam on my breaks. It’s difficult to keep your peace in these type of situations, but honestly, it’s a great test. Stay calm and hope that karma takes over. Luckily for me, as soon as the driver moved over another lane, a different car cut him off. I’m not a terrible person to wish an accident among someone, but I am glad he was able to experience exactly what he’d done to me.

Hopefully people will learn how to interact in a peaceful and calm manner. I have noticed that more and more people are becoming aggressive. We need to remind them that life is way too short to be angry all the time. Why not enjoy the rest of the time you have by sharing your love, peace, and joy with others?

I believe we can help others see the beauty in life — one person at a time. And if we can’t and they’re too stubborn, then karma will teach them.

If you’re like me and let things such as this example bother you so much, just breathe. Inhale to the count of four and exhale to the count of eight. This slows your heart rate and calms you down much more quickly. Practice this every time you get angry or you feel like you’re about to get angry. If you can’t control your anger, you might end up like the driver who cut me off and you just might have to experience karma. 😉