Children Are Our Future


Today’s generation is questionable most of the time. Times change, you know? How we were like going to school years ago is way different than how the youth are now. Sex, drugs, bullying, etc. There’s been a dramatic increase over the past few decades. People change, it’s inevitable. But the way we’ve been treating each other lately is just sad and depressing. Once the children see how we act towards each other, they learn that it’s the right thing to do so they carry on treating their peers like that.

Fortunately, there are times when people rise above it all and actually treat others with respect and friendliness. It’s become fairly rare these days, but I still see it once in a while.

It’s even more spectacular when a child rises above it all. For example, middle school. Those kids are just trying to fit in, find their cliques, and do what they need to do to seem more dominant than everybody else. Well, knowing all of that I came across a  video of a middle school football team in Michigan who let a boy with special needs score a touchdown because they wanted him to feel what it’s like. After watching the video, I feel just a tad better about our future. There really are some wonderful people out there — of all ages.

You can catch this amazing video here, and then comment and let me know how that made you feel.